Emmanuel Christian School to Bridgewater

Service from Bridgewater to Emmanuel Christian School via East Derwent Highway and Eastlands.

Students must be attending Emmanuel Christian School and be added to the passenger list by contacting the School office, prior to travelling on this service.

Please be waiting at your stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Please signal driver.

This service has live tracking available on our TransportMe Passenger app (025).

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Bridgewater to ECS via East Derwent Highway & Eastlands (AM)

Departs Time

Bus Stop 51, Gunn St

7:45 am

East Derwent Highway/Clives Ave

7:55 am

Risdon Prison

8:02 am

Lindisfarne BP Service Stn

8:11 am

Eastlands Stop C

8:20 am

Waverley St

8:24 am

Arrives Emmanuel Christian School

8:34 am