About TransportMe

O’Driscoll Coaches has worked with the Department of State Growth to implement a cashless electronic card system named TransportMe.

This system allows passengers to board services faster, provide live tracking of buses and live alerts when your bus has reached any stop.

Passengers can apply for a TransportMe card through the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM on our website. Your first card is FREE. 

Replacement cards will attract a fee of $5.  This comes out of your current card balance (or the first recharge if your balance is less than $5).

Please note: STUDENT FREE travel cards will still be accepted.

Download the “TransportMe Passenger” app

from the APP STORE


to access live bus tracking and recharge your card NOW.

Recharging your Smartcard

Your can recharge your TransportMe Smartcard using the TransportMe Passenger app or on the bus. You can recharge with cash or a credit/debit card on Public Services, or cash only on Student Services.