Charter Terms & Conditions


To ensure a safe and enjoyable charter, please ensure you adhere to the following terms and conditions.

1. The driver is ultimately in total control of the charter and will communicate with the tour leader regarding alterations or requests from the group.

2. Your driver has been trained to manage emergency situations. In the case of an emergency, please follow the driver’s instructions.

3. Tasmanian law prohibits drivers from driving more than 12 hours per day. Every 5 hours driving must be followed by at least a 30 minute break away from the vehicle.

4. Circumstances may arise where O’Driscoll Coaches may be required to alter the standard of the requested coach, and O’Driscoll Coaches reserves the right to do so without notice.

5. Buses furnished by O’Driscoll Coaches are thoroughly inspected before being assigned to the charter to ensure uninterrupted service. If the planned timings of the charter are disrupted for any reason beyond the control of O’Driscoll Coaches (e.g. mechanical failure, road or weather conditions, etc), O’Driscoll Coaches will not be held responsible for any losses. O’Driscoll Coaches reserve the right to replace a vehicle with mechanical problems with a different type of vehicle or engage a sub-contractor to complete the charter.

6. Please be aware that if the charter exceeds the parameters of your quote, an additional charge of $80.00 per hour or part thereof will be charged.

7. Payment needs to be made before the start date of the charter (unless credit has been arranged). Trading terms are 14 days from the date of the issued invoice. Payments can be made via cheque, EFT or credit card (credit cards incur a 2.5% surcharge).

8. Cancellation fees may apply to any charter cancelled before the date of travel. O’Driscoll Coaches reserves the right to alter cancellation fees depending on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation.
• 14 Days or More: 10%
• 3 to 13 Days: 50%
• Less than 3 Days: 100%

9. The cost of repairing damage to buses resulting from the conduct and actions of passengers on the charter shall be charged to the chartering party and is payable as soon as such cost is determined.

10. The driver reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who are, or are likely to become, objectionable to other persons.

11. If there is unsociable or unruly behaviour on or off the vehicle at any time, the driver has the right to terminate the charter immediately and, if necessary, call the police.

12. Alcohol is not permitted on the coach at any time.

13. State and Federal Law do not permit smoking on any O’Driscoll Coaches vehicle.

14. Please ensure passengers remain seated throughout the journey.

15. Passengers must not interfere with the driver whilst driving or tamper with any apparatus or appliance on the bus.

16. Garbage bins are provided for your convenience. Please use them as a cleaning fee of $120.00 may be charged if the bus returns in an unreasonable state.