St Virgil’s College to Cambridge via Lindisfarne

Stopping at all Metro bus stops on request.

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Ten ride tickets can be purchased from the school office. Smartcards are not available for this service.

Cambridge to SVC via Old Cambridge Rd, Tunnel Hill, Lindisfarne, Bowen Bridge (AM)

Departs Time

Cambridge Primary School

7:40 am

Cambridge Rd/Brookston Dr

7:46 am

Rosny Interchange

7:52 am

Bus Stop 3 East Derwent Highway

7:56 am

Bus Stop 11 East Derwent Highway

8:01 am

East Derwent Highway/Saundersons Rd

8:07 am

Goodwood Rd (Racecourse)

8:11 am

Arrives St Virgil's

8:25 am