Black Hills to Molesworth via New Norfolk Schools

School Bus Service from Black Hills via Magra to New Norfolk Schools and from New Norfolk To Molesworth Primary.

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Black Hills - Molesworth via New Norfolk (AM)

Departs Time

Corner Black Hills & Braslins Roads

7:36 am

Corner Black Hills & Richardsons Roads

7:38 am

Corner Black Hills & Ransleys Roads

7:40 am

20 Black Hills Road

7:45 am

Corner Back River & Blackwells Roads

7:52 am

Corner Back River & Saddle Roads

7:56 am

Corner Back River Road & Britten Street

8:01 am

Corner Back River & Lawitta Roads

8:03 am

326 Back River Road

8:04 am

Shelter Shed - 392 Back River Road

8:05 am

New Norfolk High School

8:12 am

New Norfolk Primary School

8:16 am

Blair Street Shop

8:18 am

Fairview Primary School

8:23 am

Corner Hobart Road and Atholmont Street

8:30 am

Molesworth Primary School

8:40 am