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Dromedary service also travels via Tea Tree Rd/Back Tea Tree Road turning circle morning and afternoon

Dromedary via Bridgewater (JRLF and St Paul’s) to Brighton Primary (AM)

Departs Time

Corner Boyer Road and Pegasus Drive

7:55 am

584 Boyer Road

7:58 am

Corner Church and Boyer Roads

8:00 am

Corner Millvale and Boyer Roads

8:01 am

Corner Boyer and Tongatabu Roads

8:02 am

Bridgewater McDonalds Corner Boyer and Old Main Roads

8:08 am

4 Gunn Street Bridgewater Metro Stop 50

8:10 am

Cnr Croyden Place and Thompson Crescent

8:13 am

12 McShane Road

8:14 am

JRLF - Senior School

8:15 am

Green Point Road Bridgewater

8:17 am

St Pauls School Bridgewater

8:20 am

Corner Tea Tree Road and Summerville Place

8:33 am

Corner Tea Tree and Back Tea Tree Roads

8:35 am

Jubilee Ave, Brighton

8:40 am