Q. Can the bus stay with our group?
A. It is always our preference to have the bus stay with your group. On busy days this isn’t always possible as we try to accommodate as many groups as possible.
We will always give preference to primary school groups and make special arrangements if the weather becomes inclement.

Q. Why do you need to know how many students and adults will be travelling?
A. It is important that we know how many people will be travelling. Our buses range in size from 24 to 61 seats. Most buses also have standing capacity. When we know the numbers we will send the appropriate number and size of buses required. When moving large numbers of students please ensure that all buses are filled to capacity before asking the driver to leave. We can also seat 3 to a seat for primary schools to help keep your costs down.

Q. Do you have a bus suited to school camps?
A. Yes, we have several buses available for camps with plenty of luggage capacity.

Q. Are your buses checked regularly for lost property?
A. Our drivers routinely inspect their buses at the conclusion of each trip. Any lost property not claimed from the driver will be returned to our office for storage for a period of 3 months after which it will be disposed of.

Q. Who maintains your buses?
A. We employ our own full time mechanics who carry out regular scheduled maintenance at our New Norfolk service facility. The buses are required to pass regular statutory inspections. Each driver is responsible for maintaining a high level of cleanliness in his/her bus.

Q. Why aren’t passengers allowed to eat or drink on the bus?
A. Despite the best of intentions when you have many people on a bus one or two inevitably will drop some of their lollies or food or spill a little of their drink. This can make things quite uncomfortable for the next hirer of the bus especially if they sit on something left on the seat. There are also the inevitable wrappers that our drivers must sweep up and dispose of.

Q. Why do buses from other companies pick us up sometimes?
A. We endeavour to be a one stop shop so that you only need to make one booking request. For our regular customers if we cannot fit your booking in we will ask another company to help us out. There is no extra charge if we engage another company to pick you up on our behalf.

Q. Why is the bus late to pick us up sometimes?
A. If the bus is late it is usually out of the driver’s control. Our drivers will have many different bookings on a typical day. So as to accommodate as many groups as possible our drivers’ schedules are sometimes quite tight. Our operations department will schedule drivers assuming groups will depart on time. If a group is late, even if it is only ten minutes, this may affect his ability to reach his next booking on time. We will always endeavour to advise your group if the bus is going to be late. Or of course, it may be simply the traffic. It does not take much of an incident to affect traffic flow around Hobart and at peak times congestion gets worse seemingly on a weekly basis.

Q. How far ahead should I book?
A. The sooner the better! Some schools book their end of year excursions in February! For events where many schools are likely to attend or for large groups we advise at least a month before.


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