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O’Driscoll Coaches – Derwent Valley Link would like to provide you with assurance that we have and are taking steps to ensure preparedness should any of our services be impacted by COVID-19.

Public transport is essential in providing the ability for our passengers to travel to work and schools.

O’Driscoll Coaches strategy in relation to COVID-19 includes but is not limited to:                

  • Frequent updates to our staff,
  • Increased education on infection control,
  • Increased cleaning routines to focus heavily on disinfecting common and regularly touched surfaces,
  • Development of an action plan to be followed should we have any cases of COVID-19 amongst our passengers or staff.

O’Driscoll Coaches will follow Australian and Tasmanian Government Public Health guidelines and scale up any measures according to current risk levels. Our priority is to keep our passengers and staff safe and healthy.

The most current information is available at: or view Information for Drivers and Passengers using Public Transport

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and continuing to support O’Driscoll Coaches as we strive to provide safe, reliable and relevant services for our passengers.


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