New Norfolk – Changes to Bus Services 2019. Timetables now available.

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New Norfolk to Hobart 

  • Timetables available here .
  • More express services (X22) during weekday peak periods, with express services travelling via the Brooker Highway between Glenorchy and Hobart
  • Creation of an all stops service, which will be able to pick up and drop off passengers along the Main Road corridor between Granton and Hobart. Some passengers may need to transfer at Glenorchy if they want to travel to Hobart during the weekday interpeak (9AM-3PM) and on weekends
  • A more integrated service with both New Norfolk and northern suburb residents able to use both O’Driscolls and Metro services, New Norfolk services will supplement Metro turn up and go services which means northern suburb residents can use the New Norfolk service to get to Hobart. New Norfolk residents will also be able to use a Metro bus to travel between Hobart and Glenorchy and transfer onto a connecting New Norfolk bus
  • Creation of a more direct route in New Norfolk, which will result in quicker and more direct travel for passengers. The service will no longer travel via Warner Avenue or Grey/Humphrey Streets. Passengers will need to access the bus from Benjamin Terrace or George Street.
  • A significant increase in the frequency of services
    • On average buses will depart every 30 minutes during peak times and hourly for the rest of the day
    • There will be an hourly service on Saturday and Sunday
    • 35 services on school days
    • 24 services on Saturday and 18 on Sunday
    • There will be additional student only services which will transport students to Hobart based schools
  • Hobart CBD stop changes, New Norfolk services will pick up passengers at stop E and F (Elizabeth Street bus mall) this allows services to be integrated with Metro Main Road services. Services will no longer pick up at town hall (Elizabeth Street). Services will continue to drop off passengers at Collins Street
  • Glenorchy bus mall stop changes, New Norfolk services will drop off and pick up passengers at stop J and H on the way to Hobart. Services will continue to pick up passengers at stop C to New Norfolk
  • The Boyer Road service will become a student only service, due to low adult patronage. Adult passengers will either need to catch the New Norfolk service at New Norfolk (Fairview) or Metro services at Bridgewater.

*a service is a one way trip, so 10 services usually means five return trips


If you require further information or have feedback on changes to services in the Southern region, please contact email or phone 6166 3343

Timetables and route maps are now available here .


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